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Our Branches
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Christie, Foley, Humphrey and Rosseau Branches have sizable local history collections.

  • Local history collections are available during all public service hours
  • Photocopying and printing facilities (.15 per page)

Unfortunately, Seguin Public Libraries cannot provide in-depth long-distance telephone, written or email research assistance.

Library staff will acknowledge research requests within one business day. Staff may also suggest local historians or organizations that charge for their services.


Visit to discover digital collections of photographs, audio files and video from all over Ontario and beyond. 

Find all the photographs from Seguin Township and surrounding areas, along with thousands of others. Add comments, solve mysteries.

An excellent way to discover Ontario's history in pictures!
Seguin Public Libraries participated in a Digitalization project in 2011 which included partnership with the following groups:

Click on any of the links above to be taken to that group's digital collection.

Note that for the Christie Historical Committee, the Foley Historical Group and the former Humphrey Public Libraries, their digital collections are all under Seguin Public Libraries.

And for the Rosseau Historcial Society you will be taken to their website and then you need to click on their tab labeled Digital Collection.

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